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Enrollment Requirements

To be eligible for most types of financial aid, you must be enrolled at least halftime in courses that count toward your degree. Noncredit courses, (i.e., audited courses) do not count toward your degree.

For a JD student, five credit hours is considered halftime during the academic year. For an LLM student, four credit hours is considered halftime. 

Enrollment Status Table
Enrollment Status Fall or Winter    Summer
JD Student LLM  JD Student LLM
Full Time 10+ Credits 8+ Credits 5+ Credits 2+ Credits
½ Time 5-9 Credits 4-7 Credits 3-4 Credits 1 Credit
<½ Time 1-4 Credits 1-3 Credits 1-2 Credits NA








Financial Aid Budgets

Financial aid budgets are calculated based on the typical course load. The course load for a first-year JD Day student is 15 credits per semester. Continuing JD Day students generally take 14 credits per semester. Evening JD students generally take eight credits per semester.