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Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Wayne State University Office of Student Financial Aid is required by law to ensure that students receiving financial aid are making satisfactory academic progress.

Federal regulations (34 CFR 668.34) require higher education institutions to “establish a reasonable satisfactory academic progress policy for determining whether an otherwise eligible student is making satisfactory academic progress in his or her educational program and may receive assistance under the title IV, HEA programs.”

Law students receiving any form of financial aid must adhere to the standards for satisfactory academic progress.  Quantitative (credit hours earned) and qualitative (grade point average) standards are applied. 

WSU Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

The Office of Student Financial Aid monitors satisfactory academic progress for law students annually. Students who are not meeting standards will be denied aid. You may appeal this decision by completing the SAP appeal form. If your appeal is approved you will be on probation for one semester. 

Aid cannot be applied until your Satisfactory Progress is reviewed. Missing grades will delay disbursement of your financial aid. 

The Law School Dean of Students Office offers individual academic planning and assistance.

Academic Progress and Your Loan Debt

Maintaining satisfactory academic progress is important for both your academic success and minimizing your student debt. We encourage you to review your debt levels and utilize the following resources: